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Policies – Solidarity Movers



  • Unless you specifically request an hourly quote your flat rate quote is based on the precise description of your move.
  • If you end up having additional items your foreman will adjust your quote on site or make substitutions at their discretion (generally, $4 per medium box/item plus 10 cents per flight, so $4.50 for one box to travel five total flights between pick-up and drop-off).
  • If there is additional inventory or services required the foreman will report to the office and you will receive a text or call with an updated quote.
  • If additional disassembly is required there is a charge of $25 per 15 min. Standard IKEA-type frames are $40 total (if you have a folding metal frame there won’t be a charge).
  • Additional charges include tolls, muni meter and any specially requested supplies.
  • There are a number of other less common occurrences that could add time to your job and thus affect your quote, these are listed at the end of this doc.


  • We require payment in cash, minus the deposit, to be paid to the foreman at the end of your job.
  • If you’re completely satisfied with your move 15-20% gratuity for the crew is greatly appreciated. This can be calculated from the job total and given directly to the foreman at the end of your job.


  • Parking tickets are an unfortunate reality of living and moving in NYC. We’re great at avoiding them, but in the event that there isn’t legal parking in front of your building we will park in the most efficient spot to complete your move – often running the risk of getting a ticket. It can help if you have a friend or partner available that’s willing to wait with the truck.
  • For most tickets we’ll split the cost with you, usually $60 each.
  • If there is a bike lane or bus stop in front of your building, however, or if you live in Midtown Manhattan (between 1st and 8th Ave, 14th and 60th street, inclusive), you are responsible for the entire cost of the ticket.


  • At present we cannot provide Certificates of Insurance (COI). If your building requires this you can tell them that your friends are renting a truck to help with your move. We do this often and with great success. If your building is unwilling to allow this however we can book your job with our partner company and provide you with a new quote.


  • We are extremely careful with our customers’ belongings and the vast majority of our jobs go off without a hitch, but in the event we are responsible for damage to your property we can refund half the retail cost of the damaged item up to half the total price of your move.
  • If you have hardwood floors or interior banisters you’d like to protect, consider putting down butcher paper, cardboard or mats. While we can take extra precautions we cannot offer compensation for scratched floors.
  • While we can take extra precautions we cannot offer compensation for scratched floors.


  • If we are unable to get our truck within 60 feet of your elevator or stairwell, due to construction or a long courtyard, for example, there will be a charge of $20 per 20 feet per 250 cubic feet of inventory. So if you have a 250 cubic foot job that has to be transported 100 feet to your building entrance there would be a $40 charge.
  • Additional flights of stairs are $20 per flight per 250 cubic feet. If one large item has to be moved it will be $10 per flight.
  • If a door or window has to be removed the standard dis-assembly rate will apply.
  • If we are delayed from completing the job due to some circumstance outside of our control there will be a charge of $80 per hour.

“Solidarity Moving is THE BEST moving company I have ever used. I’m a repeat client, Zack moved my family and I three years ago and I had no hesitation about going straight back to him for our move yesterday.”

– Sean B.

“These guys are awesome! They arrived within the quoted timeframe and gave me a heads up that they were on the way. Anthony assessed the situation in my apartment, helped me tape up remaining boxes, and then they got to work. Quick, friendly, and efficient.”

– Willow G.

“I called Solidarity on a friend’s rec and was blown away. The guys were efficient, professional and super careful with my stuff. The price was fair ($150 for tiny 1 bedroom, not including tip) moving from a 3rd floor in Chinatown to a Brooklyn basement. I even got to ride along in the middle seat of the truck! I’ll definitely be calling them again and recommending to friends. Thanks y’all!”

– Anothony F.

“What a find these guys were. They were fast and efficient and friendly and professional and everything you hope your movers will be. The rate is very reasonable, so I felt like I was getting a fair deal. I have a piano, and I’m always nervous about that (one time I had a problem), but they aced it. I will definitely call when I move again. The BEST.”

– William J.

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